Unlocking the potential of business leaders globally.

“Allard is a very astute & perceptive coach, with a deep awareness of human behavior and key performance drivers. He demonstrates a lot of empathy in his interpersonal relationships & does not hesitate to offer sincere acknowledgement at the right moments.”



Another big part of my professional energy is directed towards the elaboration and execution of training events, for a wide range of groups.

The courses that I develop and run go from 2 hours to programs that are deployed over much longer periods. The agenda is determined on the basis of my clients' needs.

The common denominator in all of the training I design and run is the search for sustainable and transformational results, which requires strict adherence to 3 key principles:

  • To attack the problems where it originates;
  • Mix 20% of content with 80% of training to create new habits;
  • Maximize the application and the sustainability of learning through integration into the participants' day-to-day.

I must admit that I have a soft spot for teaching coaching skills to companies desiring to achieve a culture that brings out the best in others.