“Allard is an effective and very thoughtful executive coach. He is demanding and results orientated while caring and supportive. And ready to engage very deeply in motivations, and broadly in learning connections. I have experienced Allard as very responsive and reliable, a joy to work with.”

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Achieving breakthroughs

... with individuals and teams

Logrando grandes avances

... con individuos y equipos


Unlocking the potential of business leaders globally.


Merging the speed of Laser Coaching (Leonard), the brutal honesty of Challenging Coaching (Blakey, Day), the compassionate ferocity of Provocative Coaching (Farrelly, Hollander) and the depth of Positive Intelligence (Charmine), we'll annihilate the boring, erase the bland and we'll aim straight for your desired results.

The philosophy of High Intensity Coaching (HIC) could be summarized by the phrase "stop beating around the bush" and I developed it by answering the question "how to maximize benefits in a minimum amount of time?" Through a series of short sessions (20-30 minutes), it leads you to define your goals in an exciting way, to identify your priorities, your commitments, your obstacles, to create a plan of action, to feel inspired and unstoppable, to focus on what truly matters and to achieve the results that you long for.

Achieve your dreams through a 100% individualized coaching relationship, knowing that you are accompanied by a professional with 16 years of experience.

Coaching sessions can be face-to-face or virtual. The frequency of sessions and the duration of the processes depend on your availability and your specific goals.

Please contact me with any questions you might have.​

Fusionando la rapidez del Laser Coaching (Leonard), la brutal honestidad del Challenging Coaching (Blakey, Day), la ferocidad compasiva del Coaching Provocativo (Farrelly, Hollander) y la profundidad de la Inteligencia Positiva (Charmine), aniquilamos lo aburrido, borramos lo blando y nos dirigimos sin bobadas hacia tus resultados deseados.

La filosofía del Coaching de Alta Intensidad (CAI) se podría resumir por la frase "deja de marear la perdiz" y la desarrollé contestando a la pregunta "cómo maximizar los beneficios en un mínimo de tiempo?" A través de una serie de sesiones cortas (20-30 minutos), te lleva a definir tus metas de una manera excitante, a identificar tus prioridades, tus compromisos, tus bloqueos, a crear un plan de acción, a sentirte inspirado e imparable, a enfocarte en lo importante y a lograr los resultados que anhelas. Fuérzate para alcanzar tus sueños a través de una relación de coaching 100%  individualizada, sabiendo que te acompaña un profesional con unos 16 años de experiencia.

​Las sesiones de coaching pueden ser presenciales o virtuales. La frecuencia de las sesiones y la duración de los procesos dependen de tu disponibilidad y de tus objetivos específicos.

Por favor, contáctame para cualquier duda o pregunta que tuvieras.