​My name is Allard de Jong, I am an ICF professional certified coach, certified mentor coach, trainer and professional "jester". I am fascinated by the figure of the jester who has always occupied an insider's place in the life of kings and queens. His main characteristics include a sense of humor, a playful character, irreverence, dexterity, provocative points of view and especially a privilege with the powerful to say what nobody was allowed to say or to laugh at those not to be laughed at.

He has the uncanny merit of provoking with a smile, a sparkle in the eyes and always from an empowering intention. Remember that the word provoke comes from the Latin "provocare" (to call out, to stimulate, to challenge), composed of the prefix pro- (forward) and the verb vocare (to call).

Welcome to my world and a style of coaching that mixes the "you are a most valued and valid person who deserves my unconditional support" with an incisive humor and touches of "tough love" to make you move towards your goals faster. Do not hesitate to contact me to tell me what you want to change or achieve.

VISION: Coaching for everyone, everywhere, anytime. We have entered an exciting era for executive and team coaching, as new technologies lower its expense, increase its accessibility and enhance clients' self-directed learning experience while side-stepping cookie-cutter approaches.

“O king, be loyal to the royal within you. We need you to wake up!”


“It was a pleasure to work with Allard. Having him as a coach and mentor has been really inspiring to run my business.”

Louis Vuitton

Unlocking the potential of business leaders globally.

The idea of court jesters is to address the elephant in the room, to show the flaw, to merrily point out what's not working, why it's not coherent and cheekily proclaim:​

““His style is direct and focused to client's needs. He helped me to come up with a lot of new ideas and to put them into action.”

Philip Morris International


MISSION: In everything I do I believe in the personal sovereignty and unique potential of my “corporate athletes”. My job is merely to help them find their wisdom, their courage, their moral compass and their heart for the purpose of advancing themselves and others in a VUCA world.